Monday, November 16, 2009

A Persbeaonaluty Post!

Persbeaonaluty is obviously the love child of two words, "personal" and "beauty". So this entry will have a little of both, since they're interrelated.

Yes, I know I haven't been updating much. In fact I should be studying mass spectrometry but I'm going to be up late anyways!

As you can probably assume, I've been busy with school! I had midterms a couple weeks ago and now I have midterms again?! Because one wasn't obviously enough. So my time and energy has been spent studying!

I have also been pretty sure on my major lately! I just don't know what I want to do with my degree in Criminal Justice. Law school? FBI? Forensics? But I love studying criminal justice. In fact next semester, which I register for tonight at 12:01 AM, I'll be taking a good amount of major courses and minor courses (my minor being Forensics).

Nothing fun to post about. When I'm not studying I'm usually half awake and watching Law & Order or NCIS or sleeping.

Now onto the beauty. I'm slowly becoming a big MAC fan. I much rather spend a few more dollars and get a good, high quality and pigmented product. So I saved some of money and got a few things. And have been using them daily. 2 being the Fluidline and 209, which I reviewed in the previous post. And the other 2 being "All that Glitters" eyeshadow and "Rubensque" paint pot. Let me tell y'all right now, that combo brings out my blue eyes!

And lately its all I have been wearing! Its takes less than 5 minutes (that's with liner and mascara). Use my ring finger to apply some Rubensque to the lid and then pat some All That Glitters on.

Rubenesque is a gorgeous goldy-peachy-shimmery base. And All That Glitters is a gorgeous peachy-pinky-browny shadoe.



Ignore my manly hand and blonde arm hair! Hahaha

♥ Chelsea

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