Sunday, February 28, 2010

1990's FTW

Hello lovelies!

Ok. So I have photos and everything for a beauty favorites post and then I started to get wrapped up in the 1990's. For those of you who don't know, I'm 19 and will be 20 in May. But I randomly looked up a song on iTunes and it sparked me to go into a 90's craze.

I randomly iTuned Hoku to see what she was up to because I remember singing along with her on Nick and wanted to see where she was. Then iTunes recommended B*Witched and I about screamed and yelled "OH. EM. GEE."

So now I'm recalling all my favorite bands and shows from the 90's. AND I WANT TO HEAR YOUR'S!!!!

Favorite 90's bands? SPICE GIRLS AND NSYNC! I never strayed from my first love, Justin Timberlake. Never. To this day, EFF Hanson and the Backstreet Boys. And I was Britney girl, never a Christina fan. Though Mandy Moore was a close second.

Favorite 90's TV shows? Rugrats, uh duhhh before they grew up which was STUPID. I don't wanna ever see Tommy Pickles hit puberty. Boy Meets World and I think my favorite, and a show I would buy every episode to, is Are You Afraid of The Dark? or AYATD :) The Midnight Society right?!

My favorite episodes from AYATD would be the one with the pool monster thing, AND I KID YOU NOT WHEN I SAY THAT EPISODE HAS SCARRED ME FROM SWIMMING OVER POOL DRAINS CAUSE DEAD THINGS MIGHT COME OUT OR I'LL GET SUCKED IN. Not even kind of kidding. Watch me swim and you'll see. 2nd Favorite would be the one with the computer virus, oh how that was BA.

My favorite toy that makes me think of the 90's?! Gameboy Color. AGAIN BA. Pokemon Gold and Blue and Red. And that hop skotch thing!! What was it called?! You put it around your ankle and skipped...AH!

So, I now ask you!! What was your favorite band from the 90's, show and toy!!! I want to know! And if you're an AYAOTD fan, what was your favorite episode?!

♥ Chelsea


  1. Skip it! hahaha i miss the 90's!!!!
    i loved hanson,spice girls,tlc,mandy moore,britney....and my fav shows were def..rugrats(i wish they would put it on dvd!!!),clarissa explains it all, the secret world of alex mac, my brother and me, all that....i was too scared to watch AYAOTD! but i remember that pool one!!! OH and legends of the hidden temple and figure it out. ahh the shows were so good back then before High Carly came out..the only show i like on nick now is Drake and Josh.


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  3. Ahh the 90s were good times! I was definitely a dedicated Britney Spears fan...and I loved N*SYNC too. haha. Are You Afraid Of The Dark was the BEST show, too!