Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey lovelies!

I may just turn into grilled cheese.

That and Luna bars and salad are pretty much all I eat at school. Why you ask? Everything else is nasty, high in calories and fat and nasty. Believe me, if I could I'd drop my meal plan and do Nutri-System. Alas, after this semester, I can do that next year!


Today is gonna be tips about wearing makeup with glasses!

Yes, I have 4 eyes! I have since I was 7 years old! Considering I'm 19.75 (birthday is in May haha!), that means I've worn glasses for the past 12.75 yearsish!

You might be thinking, well don't I do my makeup the same with glasses? Well yes but you need to be aware of a few things!

1. Open and brighten your eyes as much as possible, for me this lining my upper lashline with eyeliner and wearing lighter shades on my eyes. Glasses make your eyes look a bit smaller than they are!
2. Avoid wearing black or dark color liner on your waterline, this will make your eyes appear small!
3. Avoid dark eyeshadows. A smokey eye and glasses don't really work. Not only will your glasses hide the work you put into the look but it will look a bit odd behind your glasses!
4. Keep your brows tidy and highlighted! Your brows frame your glasses so make sure they're nice and neat! Add a great highlight color to really show them off!
5. Let your mascara dry before putting on your glasses! Can I tell you how many times when I started wearing mascara in 7th grade that I didn't let it dry and as a result had black specks all over my lenses?!
6. Keep those lenses clean! So we can see your eyes better!
7. Keep dark colors in the crease!!

That's all I can think of! Remember, you need to factor in what your look will look like with glasses on!

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Anyone else wear glasses? I wear mine most of the time except when I'm in the dorm, I only need them for distance!

♥ Chelsea

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