Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello lovelies!

Ok, this is a record for number of blog posts! Anyone excited?! Yeah, these 4 day weekends have left me with some time to chill. Which is soooooo needed after spending the whole week studying and stressing. I actually spend my Fridays off in the library all day and then Saturdays are also spent studying. So my weekends are actually Sunday and Monday, but on Mondays I go back to the gym...

While I'm talking about the gym, can I just say God Bless Baseball!? And baseball season?! Girls, who needs more motivation then to go the gym and get to see baseball players training?! My gym is set up so half is equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, never-ending rock wall, etc.) and the other half is weights and weight equipment. So needless to say, I'm forced to see the baseball players work out! That sounds so creeps, but if you're a straight girl or not straight guy, you can appreciate where I'm coming from! BTW 9 days until the World Champion Yankees' pitchers and catchers report to Spring training! Oh how I'd LOVE to work out in that gym!!!!!

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Ok. Eyebrows.

Let me be honest. I don't really care about my brows. I don't fill them in...ever or comb them or whatever! I'll pluck every once in a while when things are looking hairy. But I finally realized that they NEEDED to be waxed. NEEDED. It would take forever to pluck every hair.

And then I thought, why not blog my eyebrow waxing experience? A lot of people are curious, I mean I was when I got it done for the first time. So I'll give you the basics!

How much? Depends on where you go. If you're like me, I go to the Asian nail salons because they are the best prices and quality. A waxing at these salons can cost $5-$8. If you go to higher end salons/spas, the price tag will increase and can go up to even $20.

Where do I find a place?! ASK! My best friend recommended the place I go to. Or just look online! A lot of places have some kind of review online!

What happens? No they don't do it in front of the whole salon or spa! Its in a private room, you lay down (ok this sounds kinky hahah!) and they'll apply the warm-hot wax and rip it off! It really doesn't hurt! Its quick and painless! If anything the area will feel a little sore but that lasts for a minute! After they finish waxing your eyebrows (which consists of under your brow, above and between) they'll quickly pluck anything to make it look good! If you have sensitive skin like me, there might some redness! But after 20 minutes, it'll calm down! However, if you are planning on getting a wax done for a big event, maybe do it 5 days before! In case you break out in that area!

Waxing your eyebrows and shaping them can make such a difference in your face! It balances everything out and makes you look more put together, and even more awake!

I've only gone twice, but I've realized that once its done, I can just tweeze any strays!

Once your brows are done, you'll wanna show them off! So use an eyeshadow to highlight them and highlight your eyes! Choose a color thats a little lighter than your skin tone! I recommend a matte highlighter (that is, no shimmer!) and a shimmery highlighter!

I love "Vanilla" and "Shroom" from MAC!
(I know Shroom looks kind of taupey but I promise, its great!)

One more tip! If your brows tend to move around and you want them to stay put, spray some hair spray on a cosmetic wedge and pat it on your brow! No brow kit necessary!!

(All that Glitters is all over haha!)

003 (2)
(Woodwinked over Rubensque!)

So tell me, have you ever gotten your brows done? What is your favorite machine to do at the gym?

♥ Chelsea

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