Friday, February 5, 2010


I thought today I'd show you my little tiny pink dorm room. That is, only my side! But trust me my roommate's side is just as pink! So you know where I do my blogging and tweeting from!


Love paisley designs! Sheets are made out of a T-Shirt material which was awesome and comfy at first but it gets so freaking hot! OH and I have about 3 layers of bed padding. Still not comfortable! (Bedding from Target! I think it was $24.99 for comforter set and $19.99 for sheets! Rug and footstool thing also from Target! $29.99 and $19.99)


I'm well aware that having a TV that close to my face is bad for my sight. So I lean back hahah. And who can forget Abby Appendage! (That is my badass teddy bear I made at Build a Bear that day after I had my appendix removed)


I. Love. This. Picture. I need my Hepburn movies here!! (From Target too! I think $19.99)


This is what's in my footstool, DVDs and my SNUGGIE! Oh, I went there and built a house there!


Where I blog and tweet from because my school, despite having a price tag over $40K does not have WiFi...I KNOW.


Yes I keep my makeup on my printer...does it look like I have space?! (Lamp is from JC Penny! Awesome Psych merch from NBC hahaha!)

And yes whenever comes into my room for the first time I hear how pink it is haha! In case you don't know what my favorite color is :)

I think my room is 12/10 from Target! Any of you ever dorm?! Love small spaces?!

♥ Chelsea

PS: H&Ks to those who follow and comment :)

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