Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

I thought today I'd share my Workout Playlist! That is songs that I love to play while working out or even cleaning my room! Being that my playlist is like 50 songs, I'll do the top 10! You'll see how spread out my taste in music is! These are in no particular order!

1) Don't Speak - No Doubt: Ok so you're thinking "THAT'S A BREAKUP SONG!", well don't breakup and heart break songs make you want to work out? Like really is their any better motivation than having someone break your heart? You wanna be like "BAM, SEE WHAT YOU LEFT!" I also love No Doubt, another song on my playlist by them is "Platinum Blonde Life".

2) JUMPDAFCKUP - Soulfly: Just like breakup songs, angry songs are also great for working out to! Gets you pissed and worked up! Honestly, I love listening "angry" songs to get myself going, they're usually the first ones I play. Also suggested is "7 Words" by Deftones. Yeah, my taste in music is all over the place...

3) "Last Name" "Cowboy Casanova" "Before He Cheats" "Undo It" "Songs Like This" - Carrie Underwood: I really can't choose. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite artists. I love her and all her music! But these just come to mind!

4) "Check Yes, Juliet" - We The Kings: Such an upbeat song! Well upbeat beat! Well perhaps upbeat in general...but anyways! I love this song! Its just a great song to work out to!

5) "That's Not My Name" - The Ting Tings: Again, great beat, I love a good positive/up beat because then I tend to work out a bit harder! "Great DJ" by the Ting Tings is also good!

6) "Tearin' Up My Heart" - *//\\//SYNC: I'm such a *NSYNC girl, I never even contemplated anything but *NSYNC, SCREW BSB AND 98*! Anyways. This is a good breakup song and its upbeat! ITS TEARIN UP MY HEART WHEN I'M WITH YOOOOUUU, BUT WHEN I AM APART I FEEL IN TWOOO AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR SAY....I think I have memorized every *NSYNC song. Still prayin they get back together so I can go to a concert.

7) "Spice Up Your Life" - Spice Girls: Ok really this song needs no explanation just an awesome song you just want to dance to. I always loved Ginger Spice most because well, she's a fellow ginger!! Never went to a concert but had the shirts, dolls, action figures, every cassette...!

8) "Here Comes Goodbye" - Rascall Flatts: Another good breakup song but also pumps you, or at least me with the great vocals. This and "Don't Speak" are like my cool down songs.

9) "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga: Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra...need I say more?

10) "Snakes On a Plane" - Cobra Starship (& a whole bunch of other awesome artists): With lyrics like "OH I'M READY FOR IT, COME ON BRING IT..." plus I always laugh at the end when they have a sound bite from the movie (never saw)! "I'M TIRED OF THIS MF SNAKES ON THIS MF PLANE!" Hahaha, I won't spell out the bad words for ya ;) But it makes me giggle for some reason.

11) "Answer The Phone" - Sugar Ray: I'm going old school again! Well old school for anyone 15 and under. ANYWHO. Upbeat melody!

12) "Lala" - Ashlee Simpson: Ok so I remember when my sister was pregnant with her daughter and I suggested the name "Ashley" to her. At the time I was like 11 and obsessed with Mary Kate & Ashley (+10 points if you remember this: 'P-I-Z-Z-A") and suggested the name Ashley but she didn't care for it and liked the name Zoe. GUESS WHAT MY NIECE'S NAME IS NOW? ASHLEY! Boo ya! I know Sam (my sister, who is an avid reader and my stalker) is gonna deny this but I SO REMEMBER. ITS FOREVER A MEMORY! But yeah Ashlee Simpson...yeah. What happened to her? Isn't she doing some Broadway? Nonetheless, this song is great to workout to!

13) "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" - MUSE: First of all, I want this song played at my wedding. Secondly, I just love it and love working out to it. It makes me all cheery and happy!

14) "Blitzkrieg Bop" - the Ramones: I told you my taste in music is all over the place! Like two years ago, ESPN did a mini-series called "The Bronx is Burning", one of my favorite books. It was about NYC in the 1970s. It was mainly the Yankees and the drama, politics in the city and Son of Sam. But anyways, when I was reading and watching it, I started to get into 70's punk. I have quite a bit now!

15) "Best of Me" - MorningWood: You may also know this as like the anthem of Project Runway for this season!

So that's all! And that was longer than expected! What are your must haves on your iPod or Zune (I MISS MINE, NO REALLY WHY'D I GO BACK TO APPLE?!)

♥ Chelsea


  1. I listen to Disney music when I workout. It's silly, but hearing I just can't wait to be king makes me happy while I'm working out.
    Also, lots of Lady Gaga, 3oh!3, The Spill Canvas, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Gym Class Heroes, Sublime, and tooooons of 80s music.

  2. Lots of these songs are on my workout playlist too. Thx for sharing.

  3. @ Ashleigh: Oh yes I have some of that too! I forgot to add "The Queen & I" by GCH! And good idea about the Disney music :)

    @ Tanya Yay! You have good taste! :)