Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Tip: Hairz

Here is how I get my curls. It couldn't be freaking easier.

Nor cheaper.

For both styles I use the following:
1) Any drugstore shampoo and conditioner for either curly hair or super moisturizing.
2) LA Looks Curl Hair gel (Available at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, etc.) (BTW THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! ITS LESS THAN $4 AND IS MY HOLY GRAIL FOR HAIR GEL. I LOVE IT!)

How to.

1) Wash yo hair
2) Condition yo hair: pretend to make a ponytail, and cover the whole "ponytail" with conditioner and leave it in for like 3 min
3) Flip hair over. Towel dry BY SCRUNCHING. Yes, scrunch with your towel. Then scrunch some gel in. If you feel fancy, add leave in conditioner.

For me this routine gives me tighter curls like so (5 Min)...


(Sorry older photo! Pre MAC lol)

BUT FOR LOOSER CURLS, do this before bed and sleep with your hair down! Don't forget to hairspray that crap out of it! And for me I get this! (6-1o hours depending on how long you sleep...)


BAM! So easy.

That's what she said.

♥ Chelsea

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