Saturday, January 9, 2010

In a Couple Years 2ish Years I'll Have a Degree That Says I can Kick Your Ass & Take Your Name

I am stumped. I'm more stumped than Stumped Stumpidty StumpedvonStumped.

In HS I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with my life. Become a sports journalist. I did everything under the sun to help prepare me for it. But since I graduated?

Yeah...that is another story. I spent 4+ years knowing I was going to be a beat reporter for the Yankees. I envisioned myself in the locker-room after the World Series win, celebrating and interviewing the players. Trying to not ask the stupid "How do you feel?" question. I and everyone who knew or knows me knows that was plan of action.

But at graduation, during the Key Note that featured some whack job talking about turtles having sex and trains (yes that is all I remember) I thought 2 things:

1) What the hell did she smoke before she came here and why is she special?
2) Why do I want to go into such a selfish occupation?

Because really, who is benefiting from my writing about a baseball game. Not to mention I feared baseball games would feel like work not fun.

So I took some Criminal Justice courses in college, they looked like fun.

And I fell in love. I love my major. I love learning new things. I love hearing war stories and learning things that make me have a mental OHEMGEE moments. I love it.

And that is great and all but now what do I do?

After a forensics class, I asked my professor what the occupation of forensics is like. She talked. I listened and then she asked me, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Besides the obvious, "in debt from student loans". I told her with a job I loved and a man I loved. Yes, she wanted to know both personally and career.

She then asked "Well do you want a family?"


She told me a field in forensics is demanding. You have to live close to a lab. Nevermind, first find a lab that will hire you. And its not just me who I'd have to think about.

Its not as though its impossible to be married and have a family (and if you know me, you know I love kids and want at least 4!) and be a forensics scientist but would be hard.

So I put that idea on the back burner. Now what can I do and work to with my degree?

That is where I'm at now. A sophmore in college and don't know what the hell to do with my degree. I've been thinking lately of federal agencies (they visit our school!) and doing inside work there. But honestly I don't know.

And I hate not having a plan. One day I want to become an attorney. The next, a detective. The next, working within a federal agency.

And then do I want to go to law school? Become an ADA (Assistant District Attorney, a prosecutor)?

Just too many ideas and questions. Perhaps I should see the rumored occupational counselor that my school has.

Do I want to go to grad school and major in forensics?! I do enjoy forensics! But I do hate math and I do hate how forensics major's workload is equal to that of a pre-med student...


♥ Chelsea

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