Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You stay classy, class & FOTD

Its back to my old studious ways. Yup, class resumed today. So I'm gonna warn you, my blog will be slacking but alas I'm a college student and paying good money to get me an edumaicashun!

This semester should actually be fun because I'm taking a lot of classes for my major (that is criminal justice aka CRJ) and my minor, which is Forensics. I'll be taking 2 CRJ courses, Forensics 2, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Sign Langauge 2 (I have taken level 1, to fufill my language requirement) and English 2.

That's 18 credits. Must people take 12 or maybe 15. And I'm an Honors student. So that means I need to figure out which class I want to choose to have a special thesis paper. Phew.

But I'm armed with highlighters, a color coded system and I'm more organized than Martha Stewart. So I'm ready to take it on!

But honestly, thats all that is going on! I mean I wish I could do more personal posts but my life is so boring and if you're really curious, you can just follow me on Twitter (@xxChelseeea).

The food still tastes like something someone ate and then threw up and then deep fried and then thrown into the garbage and then garnished with an obscene amount of calories and then served on cardboard plate. And costs as much as tuition.

Dorming? I love my room. But I think I'll be getting a single next year. I can either really quiet and OCD or blasting "Honky Tonk Stomp" (+10 points if you know that song) and OCD and crazy. Believe me, the studious version of me is the polar opposite of regular me. I might post some updated room pics? Anyone curious of what a dorm looks like?

I've also realized 80% of the guys at my school are walking STDs. So lets not go there. If someone could find me someone who isn't like "I DO EVERYTHING I SEE AND DRINK AND SMOKE TILL I PASS THE FREAK OUT", that'd be great. They're like an endangered species here.

Ok. Rant over. Time for a FACE OF THE DAY! I was proud of myself this morning and thought "HEY! I'LL POST THIS!" Today I actually had time to do something nice!


SO CREEPS! (That is the actual photo, but its with my webcam because my Cybershot likes to wash it out!) All from MAC:
Lid: Modellette
Crease: Cork
Highlight: Vanilla
& my everyday liner and mascara which is Blacktrack Fluidline & CG's original Lash Blast (which they're now calling Lash Blast Volume?!)


And on the lips I kept it simple and peachy nude without looking like a porn star. So I paired "Hue" l/s with "Underage" l/g.

So what do you think of FOTDs?! More? Less?

Anyone else out there bloggerworld, back in school?

H&Ks ;)
♥ Chelsea

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