Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Geek Squad, Take care of Lappy, I'm a CRJ Major. H&Ks, Chelsea

Hey lovelies!

I know I haven't updated in a couple days. But I actually had photos and posts ready! An updated dorm room tour, some product reviews...everything ready so I could do some quick posts for ya!

But then...Lappy crapped the bed. Lappy my laptop that is. For a while now the screen was freaking out a bit (fading in and out on one side, then going black and just not being its pretty HD self) and I thought I'd work through that.

That was until it crashed for the first time. And overheated and felt like it was on fire. Mind you, it was on a wood desk when it overheated and shut down. So now Best Buy's Geek Squad is working on Lappy.

And its only going to take 2-4 WEEKS. So what does that mean? I'm working on my netbook (my University issued them to Honors students this year) but anyone who has worked on a netbook knows they do not replace a full notebook.

I was going to reupload all my photos but my memory stick isn't compatible and won't fit in (that's what she said).

So, tell me, any tags or anything you want me to post will I'm sans a real computer? Nothing that involved photos. I'm open to anything and everything!

I'll tell ya all when Lappy is back but he's only been gone a few days now.

♥ Chelsea

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