Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Things I wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year

Its hard to believe that a year ago, I was freaking out and making lists for college.

No really freaking out. I was like freaking Santa, checking my lists twice. DO I HAVE BACK-UP SHEETS?!

Here is what I have learned and will apply for this upcoming year.

1. You and your roommate do not have to have matching bedding. You don't need to be like "OMFG MY ROOMIE HAS ZEBRA BEDDING! FETCH! Like do I get zebra now to match or cheetah to go with the animal theme?! OMG!" I have been in many dorm rooms and no one has matching bedding/rooms. No one also overly coordinates. "I have a pink quilt with green pillow and pink rug so now you must have a green quilt with a pink pillow and green rug!" Be yourself!

2. There is no point in bringing food because as shitty as the cafeteria is, you and your friends will be too lazy to search for a microwave to make Easy Mac and then have to clean the bowl (and spoon should you not use plastic!). I'll just bring my Cinamon Toast Crunch and a water filter pitcher (note to self: get Brita pitcher thing, I think Target had a pink one...).

3. Luggage is overrated. I felt like a total tool when I showed up with my crap falling out of one of my many tote bags. Everyone else just used a damn black garbage bag. Space Bags are good but can get pricey, and mine deflated on the car ride to college. Garbage bag + label = better then using a huge suitcase that takes up half the backseat.

4. There is no use to get "an extra set of sheets". Wash sheets and then put on bed. No need to go out and buy another set.

5. Conventional plastic hampers suck. Mine last year was tiny and barely held anything which meant more trips to do laundry which meant more late night ups. And it also took up space on the car ride to college. I got myself a pink pop-up hamper which will hold 5x more.

6. No room for a nightstand. Don't even bother. At least now, I have a table for my TV. I picked up a bedside caddy (pink, duh) for this year! It will keep my crap by my bed organized.

7. YOU NEED A FRIDGE! Just don't rent one because it will cost like $250 when I bought mine, an awesome one haha, for $100. And they take away the rented ones a week prior to spring finals.

8. The bookstore will drain you of money. Total expenditures for books are as follows: had I bought my books via the bookstore, USED, $580.10. All new would cost, $773.50 through the bookstore. But a combo of both new (International Edition! Same book, different cover!) and used cost me $406. Its sooo worth it to shop around online.

9. Just buy freaking Twin XL. I am regretting that. Last year I was told I had a twin bed and this year, in a new dorm, I have a twin xl. Time to go bedding shopping again. And why is the cutest stuff only in Twin?!

10. Even if your bathrooms/showers are not co-ed (boys and girls) they are. Girls will have guys over and guys will be taking a dump in the stall next to you. And hopefully, they won't be dirtying up the showers..

♥ Chelsea

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  1. Bwahaha, I love this list! I am just finishing my freshman year now and wish I had known these things too!