Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bacteria is So Not the New Black

Beauty and Bacteria.

Would you ever rub your face with a toilet bowl? Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration but really you should think about the amount of dirt and bacteria you may unknowingly be putting on your face.

1. Apply makeup to a clean face! Do not put makeup on a face that has yesterday's makeup on it! EW! If you are too tired to at least wash your face, use a makeup removing wipe or even a baby wipe.

2. Clean brushes regularly! Brushes house tons of bacteria and dirt, even if your face is squeky clean! Think about it this way, a pimple is basically bacteria. So if you were to apply concealer to a pimple, the said brush you are using will get bacteria on it. (I'll talk more about why concealer brushes should be a must for blemishes!) So try to clean both face and eye brushes weekly! Here is how I clean mine:
1) For brushes that hold the most product or the most discoloring products (eyeshadow brushes, concealer brushes, etc.) I gently rub the bristles in Extra Virgin Olive Oil which will basically melt the makeup away!
2) Next I'll wet the brushes and clean them with baby shampoo or a cleansing shampoo. I actually found a great cleansing shampoo from Pantene in my closet and it works very well for cleaning brushes!
3) Rinse them out and let them air dry!
This will also make your brushes last longer!

3. Mascara has a short lifespan! 3-6 months to be exact. Any longer and it can give you an eye infection and pink eye sucks! That's why I usually only get drugstore mascara, it works just as well and cheaper. I typically keep mine 6 months, unless at 3 months I have no product left! Another way to lengthen the life of your mascara is to not pump it, this adds air and bacteria! So gently remove the wand from the container!

4. Use a concealer brush! If you use the little wand that comes with your concealer (if it has one) you are just putting bacteria in the concealer! So instead of directly putting the wand on my blemish, I'll rub it off on the back of my (clean) hand and then use my EcoTools concealer brush (which is great and cheap!).

5. Check experiation dates on prodcuts! It should say on the back of a product. Otherwise this is a general rule of thumb that many beauty experts agree on.
1. Eyeshadow: 2 Years
2. Eyeliner: 3 Months (eh, I guess if you use it on your waterline but if you constantly sharpen and are applying liquid liner on your upper lash line then I say get rid of it when you run out!)
3. Foundation, Concealer: 1 Year
4. Powders (face, blush, bronzer, etc.): 2 Years
5. Lip Products: 1 Year
6. Makeup wedges should only be around for a week! However fancier sponges, like the Beauty Blender have their own cleaning solution. But those sponges you can get 50 for like $2 have a week long span.

As long as you clean your face before you apply makeup, clean your brushes and make sure your makeup is all up to date then you should be good! Its also a great idea to keep hand sanitizer on your vanity and sanatize your hands quickly before you start doing makeup and touching your face!

♥ Chelsea

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