Sunday, August 2, 2009


I thought I would start to do mini product reviews called "First Take!"

It would feature a review on a product I recently purchased yet have not had long enough to do a full review!

With that said..BUMP ITS!

I admit it, since I saw them on TV I wanted one. I may have thick course hair but I lack volume!!

So I bought a pack of 3 at my CVS for $9.99 in blonde (none for redheads, brunette would be too dark!)

The sizes are small, medium and large! And it comes with a rat tail comb for teasing.

The small one is good for bumping up your bangs, the medium and large both respectively bump up the rest of your hair.

Anyways, I am tired of the same old ponytail so I thought adding a Bump It would help make my hair less boring.

So how do I feel, what is my first take on these lame infomercial hair teasers?

For updos they work pretty well and stay in place. It takes a little bit of teasing a few sprays of hair spray but it provides some volume.

However, when I styled my hair down, well the Bump It came down! It kept falling out. I kept teasing, spraying, and working the Bump It into my scalp. So far, it hasn't worked too well.

Has it been worth the $9.99? I think with more practice and new techniques it should work well. Right now I'm just fighting with my curly hair!

They're available wherever infomercial land is, As Seen on TV Stores, Target, CVS, Staples (uhm yeah, I saw them while buying pens...), Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. Also Sally Hanson Beauty Supply!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. HAHAHA! Ashley said Bump-its are for dumb people. But seriously, I bought "smooth away" after much soul searching and HOLY CRAP! IT REALLY F*ING WORKS. As of yesterday I am rockin smooth legs like never before!