Wednesday, August 12, 2009

L'oreal Extra Volume Collogean Waterproof Mascara

I finally found a charger for my camera. FINALLY!

My mom and I gave up looking for the original charger, and finally today we found a replacement for it that cost half of what Sony wanted.

As soon as the battery finished charging I took photos. And now I can feel like I can do a real review with my camera, not my mom's.

So this is for the L'oreal Blah Blah Blah Blah Mascara.

I was intrigued. Voluminous is good and thought this would be BAM! It claims to enhance your lashes by 12x.

After a single coat, my lashes looked pfft. Nothing special, just black. 2 coats? Spider lashes! Clumpy, hot mess lashes had formed. 5 lashes.Volume? Well maybe if you considered volume to be gluing all your lashes together. But I? No.

Definition? Nope. I didn't even dare think about putting another coat on. It was so bad. Not to mention how hard my lashes felt.

I'd give it a 0/5. Did not do what it claimed it could and instead gave me the opposite effect. Its so appearant that L'oreal uses false lashes in their commercials and I am pretty sure that they didn't even use this crap to blend the false with the real. If you are looking for a good L'oreal mascara, Telescopic all the way!

Anyone else try this? Thoughts? Try the non-waterproof? Love it?


Sophisticated packaging but they fail to mention the name!


See those clumps? Yes, this is black. I love my camera! It shows every little clump on the brush!


Did this without flash, otherwise I'd blink! 2 coats.

♥ Chelsea


  1. Just use Great Lash! It's a time tested best seller for a reason. Follow with Tweezerman's lash comb, and you've got perfection.
    PS- Purchase and review Burt's Bees new targeted acne spot treatment IMMEDIATELY. I bought it 3 days ago, and today my skin is CLEAR, but it essentially worked overnight. I havn't seen my skin like this since I was 11.

  2. 1. Great lash does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. How much? And I'll look.