Saturday, August 8, 2009

You're lyke 11?!

I was in one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret, and was in line and saw 3 girls in front of me who must have been like 10. VS had their promotion that if they bought something by Pink that they'd get the Pink Dog free.

Irony of ironies. Each girl bought a $1.50 lollipop and nothing else to get their dog and left the store giggling.

My next trip (did I say how much I love them and their Pink?!) I saw girls who must have been 11 or 12 picking out Pink sweats! AND PANTIES! You haven't even hit puberty and you want a pair of panties that say "Kiss this!" (hehe I got those, you gotta have cute underwear when doing laundry). GIRL, YOU GOT NOTHING TO KISS!

11! 12! 13?! I'm 19 and I wear them. They're DESIGNED for the high school/college crowd. In college you love nothing more but to slip into cute sweats (well at least me).


Whats even worst is that it struck my family! My 12 year old cousin has fallen captive. In the past year or two, her clothes are A&F (cause like abercrombie is lyke soo for toddlers! LOLZ), she has a Coach purse and an iPhone and is now loving the VS Pink. Luckily, she is still a sweet girl and can't help being spoiled, she is an only child, and her mom refuses to buy anything from the aforementioned for full price (minus the iPhone).

But really? It wasn't until I got my first steady job at 15 that I got my first Pink stuff. First Coach bag = my first real paycheck. (I REALLY suck at saving money. The rare few times that I do have it, I want to spend it! I admit it!)But girls these days just borrow daddy's plastic and expect their 16th birthday to rival that of a "My Super Sweet 16" even though their parents make enough to only support their families and think that they are obligated to a new car with a bow on it on their 16th.

And then make-up! 7th grade was when I started to wear it, Jr. High. But it was things like concealer, crappy shadow and mascara. And a Bonnebell.

I got my first cell when I was 13, my mom lectured me on no end that it was because our land line, at the time, was unreliable. And it was a free phone. Not a freaking iPhone. I didn't even get to pick out what cell I wanted until last year! Before then it was whatever my mom had. I didn't get my own computer until last year when I freakin graduated High School not Jr. High!

MAC? NO WAY! I'm 19 and can't even afford to get Mac! I look, I get tempted, but I tell myself that first I need a real job. Not just making money from odd jobs and saving it from birthdays.

So my lovely readers, have you witnessed this generation change? I'd love to hear you lash out! What do you think has caused this trend? Do kids just really wanna grow up that bad?!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. ugh just imagine how it is to try and sell stuff to them!