Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Sickest Review in the History of Legally Strawberry Blonde!!!

Hey y'all!

HERE IS THE BEST REVIEW EVER. I had no idea how many people thought this product was awesome and wanted one until I tweeted about it.

That's right. THE SNUGGIE!!

The backwards bathrobe! The blankets with sleeves! The comfiest thing ever!!

So I'm sure ya know about it. You've seen it been mocked but I honestly wanted one since I first saw it. I'm a fan of comfort and blankets. And while I may not have a "drafty dorm room" (its actually 80* in my room, 50* outside) I still sometimes have the need for a blanket!

And come on! Who isn't a lazy ass when they're engulfed in the comfort of a blanket? Answer the phone with a blanket wrapped around me like a cocoon? Hell no! You want me to hold a baby? Sorry but no can do, I'm trapped in my blanket.

Well thank God we have the Snuggie. No more struggling with the complexity that are blankets.

I, of course, got mine in Pink. And was so damn excited. It is everything I thought it was and more. It is an oversized blanket with sleeves and by oversized I mean its HUGE! I'm 6 foot and it still has fabric on the ground when I stand up! Amazing!

The sleeves are also super long! And the material is beyond warm. Ever since I got my Snuggie, I have worn it to bed everynight over my pjs! Why? Because I'm a neat freak and hate unmaking my perfectly made bed! It kept me warm and comportable all night!

The only thing I can say that surpsied me about it, was that the material is thinner than I thought. But nonetheless it keeps you insulated.

Snuggies can be found almost everywhere. I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $14.95 and a 20% coupon! AND YOU STILL GET THE FREE BOOKLIGHT!

(Please excuse my hideousness, I'm getting over an allergic reaction, be thankful my eyes aren't swollen shut in these photos like they were the other day, haha!)


Comfy? Yes! Would I wear outside of my dorm? Probably not...maybe in my super cold class...haha jk?!


I already have an ass kicking book light, so I use mine for my purse. Awesomest use ever!


I have seen in Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, CVS, As Seen on TV store...

So do you have one? Want one? Tell me! And I do plan on getting one for my dog...(

♥ Chelsea

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