Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh, Crap Not Again

Guess whose computer is once again in the hands of Geek Squad? And double guess whose computer is no longer under any warranty meaning repairs will cost hundreds of dollars?

Yup, me. My POS HP's screen broke yet again. And this time, its all out of warranty and coverage and is gonna stab my wallet in the heart (its a very cute wallet too). So I decided that since having a working laptop is essential to my academic life (well those are the words that I used to my parents) and I cannot afford going 6-7 weeks without one during the academic year, I decided that if the repairs are above $250ish, that I'll just replace the POS. Because seriously its been serviced multiple times for the same problem.

So that'll mean that not only do I have to spend hundreds on textbooks but now (probably) a new computer too. And I need to get a few things before the school year starts. Fab.

And for some reason, many people at my job are getting a major cut in hours. I went from 30 hours down to 15. I worked 7 hours just yesterday...which is half the hours I'll work all next week.

But at least before I got hit by this financial storm, I did score a cute new tote bag for school from Juicy and stocked up on some China Glazes.

Nonetheless, being a grown up sucks.

Oh cute, Max (my 6 year old golden retriever) just opened the door to my room to lay down by me. Which reminds me, why am I up so early on a day off?!

And seriously, what was the point of this blog post?! I do have plans for some more posts soon!

♥ Chelsea

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