Monday, July 19, 2010

A Promise

So the other day I was skimming beauty blogs and I saw a huge legal disclaimer where the owner of the blog stated that they are confiscated for products and that their opinions can be paid.


I started this blog a yearish ago because I was so enthralled with the beauty world, thinking I wasn't alone when it came to the love of makeup and girly things. I never thought such a place existed. But since I lack the ability to record YouTube videos, I figured a blog full of photos could work.

And to this day, I am excited that people actually read this, comment and are just awesome.

But lately, I just haven't felt that beauty community love.

The Beauty Community (which now on will be called BC) has become a joke. Very few people are honest. No longer are girls gushing about some of their favorite things they just picked up and letting us know great deals. But now, everyone is endorsing something.

If I wanted to watch an infomercial I'd watch a cable channel at 4 AM. No longer is the BC a community its a filthy, greedy place.

Of course, there are exceptions but there are also some major people who are, well, consumer whores who overshadow the good of some people. And there are still TONS AND TONS of amazing people out there!

Now these consumer whores are making six figures from selling themselves out. What kind of role model is that?!

It is DESPICABLE to see these girls make hundreds of thousands while most of America is making less from doing LEGIT work.

How is it that these fake girls are whoring out tongue scrapers on the internet and making major money while the rest of the work is working real jobs, with real hard labor but not making more?

Its just bothered me lately and why I haven't been blogging much.

But I want you to know right now, a promise I have for you.

I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. I will not deceive you. I'm an actual normal girl who is working her ass off to support not only a love of makeup, but an education (which comes first). I think its shameless and disgusting what some "gurus" do.

And yes I do feel the need that I have to share this before I start getting back into actual beauty blogging. Because I feel too many people are hiding behind smokescreens and being dishonest. And I want you to know, that any opinions I share are mine.

I would never pull such bullshit. I don't want anyone who is following me to have to scroll through my post first to see if I have a disclaimer and some BS about how I am honest but compensated.

That's just wrong.

I love that so many people are reading my blog and I want to return the favor by telling you know that I am not gonna sell myself out. Well, unless Tampax is willing to pay for my educational expenses until I graduate with a doctorate...then I'd probably have to say BEST FUCKING TAMPONS EVAAAAAAAAAH!!! And get some kind of tattoo honoring them but thats just freaking weird.

But all joking aside, please know you can trust me! I mean come on, this is LEGALLY Strawberry Blonde!!

And now I feel like I can start beauty bloggin again! Phew!

Still most of the BC are honest, awesome girls (and some guys!) but its just the major ones who ruin the name of all things beauty blogging!

xx Chelsea ♥

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  1. Amen! I agree girl. I think that the BC can be a legitimate marketing strategy for some companies, especially small ones, to get their name out. I think there is nothing wrong with reviewing products sent for PR purposes.... but complete transparency and honesty (that means UNPAID REVIEWS) is necessary. It only takes a few rotten people to spoil the fun and trust of a close hopefully people can see through them and see the honesty in many good gurus out there. xo

    Well said.