Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 10 Lipglosses!

Hello Lovelies!

Once upon a time, I hated lip gloss. I know...WHAAT? Now I'm addicted. So here are my favorite lipglosses! Some of these probably come as no surprise! And these are in no particular order!



1. Chanel Glossimer in "Constellation"
Why I ♥ It! Its a sheer gloss with tons of mult-colored glitter that makes it universally awesome for any lipstick or any makeup look! You could pair seriously over any color and it'd add a little awesome sparkle to it!

2, 3 and 4. Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in "Hot Pink", "Peony" and "Strawberry"
Why I ♥ It! These are ridiculously opaque and pigmented and AMAZING. "Hot Pink" is a bright-blue based-pink, "Peony" is half pink, half peach and mixed with gold sparkle (think of NARS' "Orgasm" and "Strawberry" is a nice light red with pink sparkle. SO PIGMENTED AND AMAZING!

5. MAC Dazzleglass in "Money, Honey"
Why I ♥ It! Its a gorgeous deep-hot-pink with magenta sparkle and is like a pink disco ball on the lips! A little sticky but lasts a while on the lips, for me!

6. Stila Lip Glaze in "Grapefruit"
Why I ♥ It! Its a great baby pink and is relatively matte, doesn't have a ton of shimmer but not completely matte! Leaves a beautiful shine!

7. MAC Lipglass in "Nymphette"
Why I ♥ It! Beautiful dusty-pink and bronze color with a bit of shimmer! A must-have for me in the summer! Looks great with almost everything, probably my favorite MAC gloss!

8. LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss in "Polished"
Why I ♥ It! These glosses seriously are multidimensional and amazing! I love this one because its a pretty salmony-pink but has a pretty opal effect! Love!

9 and 10. Urban Decay Pocket Rockets in "David" and "Eric"
Why I ♥ It! Sexy Men + Gloss = Win. And while these babies are a little on the sheer side, they fill in the lines of my lips and make them look and feel juicy!

Any glosses on this list that you also love? Any suggestions? Let me know! Also, what are some good drugstore glosses? I love me some Revlon but want to hear your favorites!

♥ Chelsea


  1. I love that mac one "money honey" it's definitely on my wish list :o) xxxx

  2. These are all beautiful! I love Nymphette, and I really want to try that Revlon gloss in Hot Pink.

  3. Thanks for the swatches and for giving me ideas!:D

    ***** Marie *****