Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wait Isn't This Supposed To Make Look Tanner?!

Hello Lovelies!

Screw, Snow White, I am the fairest of them all. I mean that in the I AM SO FREAKING PALE way. I'm a shade up from White-Out, a bit more pink than a snow-flake. Its easy for me to pick out a foundation or concealer, I just pick out the lightest color. Its either just right or too orange/dark.

With all the said, I'm in need of a bronzer. I don't typically wear bronzer but I thought one of my makeup goals for the Spring/Summer would be to find the perfect bronzer to bring some life to my pale skin.

So I picked up Maybelline's new Fit Me Bronzer in Light Bronze. The whole Fit Me line is supposed to be customized to your skin tone, and supposed to make it easier to find shades that compliment you. Being as I'm the 2nd to lightest shade (I know right?! Only because the lightest shade had warm undertones!) I went with the complimentary bronzer.

It looked on the more matte-side and like it would provide a nice healthy color. And it was under 5 bucks! Whaaat!

Sounds great, right?

Yeah, if it SHOWED up! That's right, no matter how hard or long I try to get it to show, nothing is coming up (that's what she said!). Using a brush? Forget about it! I'd probably have to get the whole pan on the brush to have it show up.

Not only that but it came off as looking shimmery! If anything, thats all you see! No warm healthy glow. If any female (or even male) resident of Jersey saw this, they'd assume its White-Out.

So MAJOR fail, I also tried the Fit Me powder and loathed it, it also lacked pigmentation. Oh well. Unless you're snow leopard, don't bother with this bronzer!




Any bronzer recommendations for a pale girl? I'm a MAC NW15 :) Tell me your favorite bronzers!

♥ Chelsea


  1. I'm NW15, too. Try Nars Laguna or Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. The Nars one is great for an all over glow, and the Too Faced one is a really great matte bronzer for contouring.

  2. Okay, here's the thing about being PALE (like me!) BRONZER is a no-no, it will always look like you are dirty. When was the last time you went in the sun and turned brown? Never, ghosty. You turn PINK. so go pink to look sunkissed, I recomment Stila Custom Color Blush (only comes in one scary looking color, which is magically perfect on every tone. Trust. I wore it and everyone said "look who got some sun!" and I was like "yeeeeeeah...."

  3. Sorry about that. Try NARS Laguna or Benefit Hoola.:D

    ***** Marie *****