Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lowdown on Liquid

Hello Lovelies!

If you have been a regular reader of the blog, you probably know that my beauty product weakness is liquid eyeliner. In fact, it is the only type of eyeliner that I even have in my collection! So I thought I'd go over every single liner I have tried and give you the dirt on them!

And of course, share my favorite!

**Everything mentioned, that I have tried, is in black!**

L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner: Honestly? I used to be addicted to this stuff. It was my HG. Until I picked up a new tube in December and it was different. It wasn't the opaque-carbon-black that I remember it as. It was runny, watery and a charcoal color! Then the other month, I picked up another, SAME problem!

Physician's Formula Eye Booster: Made my eyes swell shut for two days, and they remained red, itchy and peeling for the next week. MAJOR allergic reaction! But it actually was somewhat good! I'd give it a B if it didn't cause me to swell up! Fail!

MAC Penultimate: Applicator is too big, color isn't that opaque and it dried within 2 months! It was pretty good when it came to wear, but can't justify it the price!

MAC SuperSlick: Watery! Oh em gee, this is like pure dihydrogen monoxide! Well, tinted black, of course! It doesn't last, comes off in flakes and bleeds into the little lines of the inner corner! Such a disappointment!

MAC Liquidlast: THIS. DOESN'T. COME. OFF. Awesome, right? Nope! Not when I have to rub my eyes for 10 minutes to get it off! The formula is super thick and gloopy, it honestly reminds me of tar!

Urban Decay Liquid Liner: I loved it! Until I wore it on a humid day and it transfered and migrated up my eyelid! Not a fan!

Revlon Colorstay: The applicator is irritating! Too pointy! And I've had fading problems with it, also had some color bleed!

Maybelline Line Stilleto: BEST BUDGET BUY! Amazing. Its black, easy to use, and lasts all day! I love it! I did an experiment with it yesterday, with my other favorite liner, and it didn't own up to the water test! I took a hot, humid shower and splashed water on my eyes (soooo scientific!) and this stuff began to disappear, and irritate my eyes! I need waterproof for the hot, sweaty summer coming! But if waterproof isn't a need of your's, I'd recommend it!

PHEW! Told you I had a problem! But now my current favorite is...

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner Pen! WOO! This stuff doesn't move, its waterproof, it doesn't smudge, it is perfect. Its easy to use. Its a pen! This stayed just as intense and black as when I applied it 10 hours earlier, after my shower test. AMAZED. Love it. But I hate the price tag, $20! But if I stop buying other liners, it kind of helps swallow the price! Also, does super easy wings! LOVE! I've had my current bottle since mid-Feb and its still going strong!

Photo from because my battery died on my camera :)

So lovelies, what are your picks?

♥ Chelsea

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