Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bounce, Bounce Baby! Beauty Blender Review!

$20 for a makeup sponge? You must be out of your damn mind!

Well, my friends, I'm out of my damn mind.

I caved and bought the Beauty Blender cosmetic applicator (that totally makes is sounds fancier). And I'm loving the little bouncy-egg shaped-thing!

I was like you when I heard how much it cost, I mean for that price I would expect it to bounce itself all over my face. But this was another "Youtube/blogs made me do it" moment. Nothing but praises. And this was last year. So I naturally bought the cheaper alternative, the Sonia Kashuk one and was not a fan. It was stiff and I couldn't use it wet. If I dampened it, water would just leak out, ruining all my makeup. That left a bad taste in my mouth and deterred me from checking out the real deal.

But a year later, I bought in. I mean I'm willing to pay that much for a makeup brush (on some occasions, mind you!) so this is sort of like it.

The first thing I noticed about it? How soft it was! It wasn't as stiff, and almost hard, like the SK one. It was so soft and squishy.


And then I wet it. You are supposed to use these types of sponges wet because less product will be absorbed into the sponge (because it is retaining the water) and the damp effect will help make the look more flawless and smooth. It makes foundation look softer and more natural.

To my surprise, it didn't leak all over my face. It did double in size which was fun to see (its super malleable when drenched!), bigger sponge means more coverage!

And though it was big and wet, it didn't leave a little wet trail (that's what she said!).

The coverage is amazing, it makes my full-coverage foundation appear natural and flawless. Prevents foundation from caking up. It gives an amazing, seamless appearance. Its gentle enough to use to cover up under-eye circles, but can handle concealing a zit.

I would completely recommend this!

Also, I only bought the sponge. I haven't heard the best things about their cleaner. I just squirt a little of my cleanser on it (Purity Made Simple, that stuff is the and it cleans it beautifully. Any gentle cleanser, or even baby shampoo, will do the trick!

Its a bit on the pricey side for what it is, but if it can make my foundation and concealer look seamless, and not worry about a cake face, then I think its worth it!

It can be found at and on and prices vary depending on what you get (like how many blenders and if you desire the cleaner!). My single blender was $19.95! But now I see that you can get 2 for $25! WHAT?! Missed that! Haha :)

I store it in its little cup, and kept the little stand to place it on for when it dries!

Anyone try the Beauty Blender? Thoughts?

♥ Chelsea

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  1. This is a good product and definitely worth the price if you use it everyday!;D

    Happy Sunday!:D

    ***** Marie *****