Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girl vs. Makeup: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hello Lovelies!

Phew, long time no blog! But this horrid semester is over and its in my past. I'm back home now and ready to get back on blogging!

I thought I'd start a new little segment called "Girl vs. Makeup" where I'll test out new, gimicky products and see if they live up to their claim!

So lets get this party started with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects, the sticker nail polish!


Want a nice salon-worthy manicure, but in a hurry and don't want to dish it out? Well these Salon Effects are supposed to be a fool-proof mani. Just peel and stick nail polish on.

Seriously, that is it.

This little kit comes with 16 nail stickers, a wooden cuticle pusher, mini nail file and instructions.


First thing I did was push all my cuticles back and clean down my nails with some polish remover. Then applied these bad boys! Sally Hansen says that you should be able to stretch them to fit your nail, but I was concerned that these would tear!

So I decided that for nails that didn't have a perfect match that I'd just use the next size up. So I'd place the larger sticker on the nail and smooth it down with the smooth part of the cuticle pusher. And I'd make sure to crisply push it to the edges of my nail so I could easily take off any excess. This was easy, and even somewhat therapeutic. But then again, I just had a week's worth of finals and moving.

Once they were all down I put on one coat of no-chip polish and I have been impressed! They seriously look natural!


Well as natural as leopard print nails look. I guess by natural I mean, not a sticker, but more like it was actually painted on. And of course, these have no drying time (as long as you don't use a top coat, but I would, just to help make the manicure last a little longer).

I am seriously impressed. I was expecting these to look ridiculous and like I put freaking stickers on my nails.

These had a slight nail polish scent, but it didn't linger!

I will say, these are a bit pricey. I've seen them range from $7 - $11 and Sally Hansen does offer coupons for a dollar off. But that is also how much an average manicure costs. So that is one thing to factor!

I'll probably buy more! I love this leopard print, and might pick up the flower design and pink glitter! I feel like solid colors aren't worth it, but the designs? For sure!


Anyone else see/try these? Love them, hate them? Let me know!

♥ Chelsea

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  1. This is actually pretty cool, great for travel too.:D

    ***** Marie *****