Monday, May 30, 2011

I Want To Smell Like a Mermaid

I would like to smell like a mermaid.

Mainly because that would mean I was living underwater, and it would appropriate to use my favorite pick up line "Is that your dorsal fin, or are you just happy to see me?" (yes, I have used that gem before, right HERE).

So when I saw the new Harajuku Lovers perfume in "G of The Sea", I had to check it out! Because I'm a sucker for packaging. I normally never tend to gravitate towards the Harajuku perfumes but as of now, I'm totally checking them out!

The adorable mermaid perfume is a perfect spring/summer scent!

According to Sephora, it can be described as this "Top notes delight in juicy splashes of crisp apple, magical water lily, and the tangy sweet surge of crushed berries. Soak in its heart, filled with flirty bouquets of dewy freesia, whispers of pink peony, and delicate kisses of jasmine petals. Finally, leave an enchanting trail of smoothly sundrenched woods, sensually transparent musks, and luscious amberwood."

Okay, so here is my Cliff-Notes (haha, I made a funny, get it? NOTES?! Perfume?! Sorry....) version of the perfume: its a light, floral, sensual musky smell with a pinch of berry.

It is divine!

Its such a light, clean, fresh smell but it also packs a little punch with the warmer notes. It is not at all overbearing, its perfect for when you just want a little something-something. I mean, I wasn't expecting it to smell this amazing but it seriously is! I was just happy with the cute little bottle on my vanity. But the smell? I love it!

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a nice, light, simple scent for summer! It is so pretty! And not to mention, the packaging is cute! Even my mom loves the scent! She also loved the packaging and was pleasantly surprised by the scent!

I have the 0.34 oz bottle which was $30 and the full 1 oz bottle is $45. And they know make cute little matching makeup bags! AH! Its currently available at Sephora and !

Love the attention to detail!

The figurine-cap is made of plastic!

The actual bottle!

And now I know what a mermaid smells like! Yeah, Ariel, watch out. This redhead now smells like you! What is your favorite summer scent?
♥ Chelsea

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  1. This smells yummy and the packaging is just too cute!:D

    I always wear Lovely by SJP but I'll be using Marine Groove for the day next week.:D

    ***** Marie *****