Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Beautiful Buxom Lips!

Big is beautiful.

Lips that are juicy, glossy and perfectly plump are a summer must have for me.

Because lipsticks and limp lips can't handle the hot weather.

Enter Buxom Lip Glosses from Bare Minerals.

(Left to Right) Princess, Kanani, Margarita and Ginger

The perfect plumping lip gloss. They're not the old painful-plumper but rather the new school painless plumper. They feel so refreshing, like a little lip pick-me-up. No more of the "OH EM GEE! It feels like a swarm of bees attacked my lips! GET IT OFF!" feeling with these! And I can totally vouch for the swarm-of-bees-attacking-my-lips thing because it happened to me. Never mow over anything that remotely looks like a bee hive. In my defense, it looked like a pine cone. I had three stingers in my lips. And my lips were on steroids. Too plumped. Joan Rivers plumped.

I digress!

I love these things! They are so cool, minty and refreshing. Its an awesome cooling sensation when applied and freshens your breath! Making it feel like you just took a swish of Listerine! And my lips are naturally large, but these make them plump by helping to fill in the lines of my lips!

(Left to Right) Princess, Kanani, Margarita and Ginger

They're nonsticky and their lasting power is about average, a few hours. But my lips will still look pleasantly plump once the color fades!

I have 4 colors in my collection, as of right now!

1) Princess: a shimmering pink pearl with some golden tones. Almost looks like a pinky-lilac pearl, super pretty!

2) Kanani: a bright pink, with almost a coral tone, and a little shimmer!

3) Margarita: a gorgeous sheer raspberry! This one is called a "tint" by Buxom, I find the opacity about the same as a gloss, but the Buxom tints are cheaper!

4) Ginger: a coppery-golden red, who doesn't love a buxom redhead?!

These glosses are available at Sephora, and any where that Bare Minerals are sold! The Bare Minerals boutique by me has a deal where all lip products are 3 for $39 + free makeup bag! The regular glosses retail for $18 and the "tints" (seriously, I can't notice a different) are $14!

The Buxom Girls!

Have you ever tried these glosses? Love them? Like them? Hate them? Let us know!
♥ Chelsea


  1. Oooooh, I might get Ginger!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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