Monday, August 15, 2011

A Revolution for Your Eyelashes?!

Hello Lovelies!

I rarely follow makeup collections, for me its "Oh, I like this! I shall buy it!". But when Urban Decay released all their new products for Fall, my interest peaked. Its their 15th Anniversary and they're releasing some pretty awesome products!

But one of them just confused me enough that I ordered it. And it was their "The Revolution" eyelash curler. Its a "cageless" curler that is supposed to be pinch-free and curl your lashes.

Now, Urban Decay, I love you. I really do, you're one of my favorite brands, but SERIOUSLY?!


I just don't even know. I wanted to love it. Its a freaking eyelash curler that costs $19 that looks like something that belongs in MoMA.

The first thing I noticed was how small it is compared to other curlers. Smaller in both length and little curling bed.

The next thing I noticed? The fact that its mechanics were a simple coil. A little stupid coil. Now, the problem with this is that it provides more resistance, meaning its not going to curl as well.

Or in my case, it didn't curl my lashes at all. I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed until my fingers cried. No curl. I applied mascara and tried again and alas, nothing. And not to mention that the curler is too small to curl all my lashes at once. I would have to do my outer lashes and then my inner.

Now, this could be good. But like I said, it didn't curl AT ALL.

The "cageless" aspect? I never felt like it was those little side bars that pinched my lashes, but the concept is interesting. Then again, maybe there is a reason why we have never seen a curler like this before.

Final verdict? HUGE MISS! Its a pretty piece for your vanity with its polished gunmetal frame and sleek design, but completely impractical for curling your lashes. You're better off getting E.L.F'.s $1 curler.

Traditional curler on the left against the Revolution on right.

What is your favorite eyelash curler? Or do you skip curling? Let me know!

♥ Chelsea


  1. I haven't tried the Urban Decay eye lash curler, and doubt I will, but my favorite has the be the E.L.F curler as well. I believe it's the $3 one, and is definitely worth it! Good to know I won't have to spend money to try this new Urban Decay one. Seems like it's not even worth it. (:

  2. That's disappointing. I was intrigued by this product, because it is so different from other curlers.

  3. New follower here, hi!

    ELF has a cageless curler that my boyfriend found for me at Ross (lol) - and I have a hard time with that one either. I'm going to keep practicing and then consider this one. Sob story though it may be - traditional curlers aren't wide enough for my eyes and the sidebars dent the lashes if I go side to side.