Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello lovelies!

I fell of the diet wagon, just like in the Oregon Trail. Actually I don't think you could fall off the wagon, but you could get poisonous berries or chicken pox or have your wagon sink.

That game was awesome.

Anywhozie! I need to get back on! And I'm gonna blog about it! Not all of it but bits and pieces. I'm a picky eater and chocoholic so we'll see how this goes.

I picked up some goodies today! I love the South Beach Diet Cereal Something Something Really Effing Long Name Protein Bars for breakfast and sometimes lunch, depends on my day! One of those and a cup of 1% milk = awesome.

And then I was thinking....hmm lunch....and I came to this conclusion, need something quick and easy to put together and deliciouso! So I got a bar of cheese. Hahaha bar of cheese in Pepper Jack, cut off a serving size and proceeded to cut into smaller little chunks for my crackers. Crackers of choice are Thin Wheats, that is storebrand name for Wheat Thins: Reduced Fat Edition. Serving size is 16, so that is quite nice.

I like chocolate. So I picked up whatever the frig these awesome little rice cake things are that everyone recommended to me. They taste like the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies!

And then for a nightly "dessert" I got chocolate graham crackers. Because well, they're healthy enough for me lol. 2 cracker sheets are 140 calories! Hooray!

My biggest problem is I drink too much milk. So I gotta, well, drink less. Its only 1% but I'm bad. And its probably why I'm 6 foot and growing. Maybe. But I do love Coke Zero but I hate the taste of water.

Haha, just being honest!

So question time! What are your favorite healthy/diet snacks and workout DVDs? I'm thinking about getting workout DVDs since going to the gym is near impossible some days.


♥ Chelsea


  1. Hey Chelsea, first of all - i love the new blog design. Second good luck with restarting the diet, i have to start going to the gym again =/ hmm favorite snack? real fruit!

  2. Switch to fat free milk. You'll save so many calories and so much fat! You can buy "enriched" fat free, that tastes like 1%. Worth it.
    And learn to love water! Without it, you're stuck. I didn't like water when I started, and now I'm drinking near a gallon a day, I drink nothing else. You develop a desire, trust me!

  3. Before I went on vacation I got Jillian Michaels trouble zone workout video and it is intense. I could only do half of the reps. I would suggest it!

    A healthy snack..low fat string cheese, baby carrots, fruit and Kashi cereal dry (heart to heart or honey comb...not sure of the names). My co-worker and I have Kashi dry cereal it is high in fiber.

    Good luck ;)