Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Hello lovelies!

So I lucked out today! All of my classes were canceled! So, I'd be silly not to celebrate by doing a quick post! I thought I'd do the "What's In My Purse" tag that has been traveling around the blogosphere!

The Purse: Vera Bradley "Morgan" in Cupcakes Pink. I love huge purses, even more so during the school year because I tend to pack and bring everything with me. I usually also pack in a Chocolate South Beach Diet Cereal Bar (which are amazing and a great deal!) and a water bottle!

I love her but she gets dirty and after a few washes, the colors tend to fade!

Biggest thing in my purse is my clutch from Sephora that was full of samples but now houses pens, pencils, highlighters, post-its and a calculator! And my weird tube shaped Purell!

Betsey Johnson sunglasses that were like $90 last season but my TJMaxx had them at the same time for $15! Score! I love 'em, had them since my senior year but they aren't prescription, meaning I'm blind in them! I'm near-sighted! The pink journal is full of my to-do lists! I know, crazy but its my system!

Phone = LG Dare, iPod nano pink (I MISS MY ZUNE!), my little ID thing for school, the C is for Chelsea! Hahahaha! It my real name (bonus points if you know what I'm talking about!).

Everything in my little makeup bag!

The next bag I want to get! A Marc by Marc Jacobs (gotta represent the NY designers!) "Pretty Little Hobo!" I love it. Its big and black and amazing quality! My birthday is in May... ;) Its so simple but cute and would fit everything I need!

Love this bag too, but its $400 and another MBMJ! But it is huge and all leathaaa. Damn you, Alexa for making me love MBMJ! ;)

♥ Chelsea

What bag do you rock? Does it weigh like 500 pounds like mine?!

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  1. Hey Chelsea, thanks for following my blog - again! everything in your purse is soo girlie =)