Friday, March 5, 2010

Zoya: Reece!

Hello Lovelies!

Ok, I know I'm a horrible blogger for not updating much this week. Its midterm season my loves! I've got my first midterm this week! So my posts will be lacking! I apologize in advance!

Now onto the beauty blogging goodness. I'm going to start to do a nail of the week segment! I scored Zoya's new Spring collection and its gorgeous! So I thought once a week or maybe shorter! I'd do reviews featuring colors from their Reverie line! For more information about Zoya polishes, read my first review back in the fall (Here!)

Reece, Laney, Adina, Lana, Gwin and Happi

The collection can be bought together for $36, which is like getting one free because one bottle is $7 (7 * 6 = 42 - 7 = 35). But anywhozie! This week's color feature is "Reece"!

When I saw the name I thought of Reece Witherspoon and then I thought about Legally Blonde and then thought of this color! Because its a pink (can appear as a hotter pink or darker pink, depending on the lighting!) with golden undertones! Or as Zoya says "gilded rose metallic". That too!




Love it! Such a great Spring/Summer color!!!!

Be on the look out for perhaps a big post tomorrow ;)

♥ Chelsea

Dearest FTC, I won these polishes. K? K. Good! H&Ks

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