Friday, August 13, 2010

What's In My Purse?! Revisted!

Hello Lovelies!

So I was reading one of my gossip mags/tabloids/guilty pleasures and I saw they had a "What's In My Bag" thing with someone who I don't know. So I thought I'd do a new what's in my purse! I love these!

Inside my MBMJ Pretty Little Nylon Hobo in Black, which is probably my most favorite purse eveeer!



  • Wallet full of nothing! Actually I have too many debit cards with not enough money on them. Including one to an account I haven't even opened!
  • ID Case attached to my keys, for my school and work IDs and whatever else
  • Pink Swiss Army Knife + Mini Mag Flashlight = Must Haves!
  • Don't carry a makeup bag but I do carry a little mirror, chapstick, whatever lip product I'm wearing that day and, of course, bandaids that look like crime scene tape and hand sanitizer
  • Sunglasses that are not prescription meaning, they're useless for when I need to, I don't know, SEE.
  • A purse hook, because that is how I roll, with a germ free purse (kinda, not really), Its the crystal thing, totally subtle.
  • People and US Weekly magazines because they're guilty pleasures and I always start an article at work and then HAVE to finish it and thus buy it.
  • Altoids because I don't do gum.
  • Planner because I like plans
  • iPod Touch (whatever the newest is) because I like to touch my iPod? And 2 pairs of headphones: one a good pair the other the crap ones my iPod came with!
  • LG Dare cellphone, which looks like a brick compared to everyone else's phones.
  • Pink glittery coin purse
  • Pink blinged out pen that was in Staple's little "bling" display. I know, how awesome and gaudy are bedazzled office supplies?!

And Max wanted to say Hi! Actually he is tired. So probably a "SERIOUSLY, I WANNA GO TO BED"


What's in your purse?! What are you rocking?! :)

♥ Chelsea

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