Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Benefit's High Beam: TO GO!

Hello Lovelies!

I tried a sample of this a little while ago and I savored it! But instead of splurging $24 for the full size bottle, I opted for the cute little To-Go! Why? I prefer the applicator, its a doe foot and the full size has one that is similar to that of a nail polish brush! Not to mention its cute and less money! And this may just be a must have for your purse...


Here is what Benefit has to say about the full size on their website, "Our satiny pink liquid highlighter accents cheekbones and brow bones for a radiant glow. It's known as the "supermodel in a bottle"!" and it says that its made to compliment all skin tones!

Agree! Its a beautiful pale pink pearl highlighter! And I love their suggestion to mix it with tinted moisturizer for an all over glow! NEED TO DO THAT! Well when its summer. Because that glowy-fresh-dewy look does look natural in slushy Metro New York! But fabulous idea! Love!


The formula is very light, and the color is a beautiful pale pink which has a gorgeous pearl finish. The great thing about the light formula is that it makes it much easier to blend and perhaps mix with your tinted moisturizer (SUCH.A.GOOD.IDEA.).

I apply it in the morning and when I'm taking my makeup off, I can still see that beautiful pearly pink sheen!

Ok, the more I write this, the more I WANT to buy the full size. Ha ha!



Like I mentioned earlier, this is the To-Go version! It is much smaller than the full size. However its about the size of a lipgloss, with a doe foot applicator. I prefer this applicator to the full size one because its much smaller and easier to get into smaller areas that you may want to accentuate and highlight.

But the size of this, makes it great to throw in your purse! And of course, this is much easier to pack in your makeup bag then the full size when you're traveling! But this is good to keep close-by for mid-day touch-ups!



While cheek bones are the most traditional place to apply this and all highlighters, I have a few other ideas!

For one, under the browbone! I'll do a wash of eyeshadow all over and then under my brow I'll dot a little on! Also in the inner corner of the eye, not the inner tearduct, but by the bridge of the nose! (You'd think as someone who is taking anatomy, I'd be able to describe that better!). Both these areas brighten the eyes.

The nose and cupid's bow are also great to highlight but I have a warning! If you have an oily-acne prone T-Zone, avoid these spots! We don't want to accentuate any oilyness or redness or even worst, a zit.



Ok, at this point of this post, I've basically convinced myself that I may need the full-size. For now I'll give you the specs on the To-Go!

Its $10 at Sephora and! Little FYI, this isn't with the regular Benefit stuff, its actually in the travel section. You know, those bins lacing around to the check-out? This is up there!


Overall, this is a gorgeous highlighter for every skintone! A great pick me up for dull or tired skin! And this little to-go version makes it great to try out, without shelling it out! Though I just may...

Have you tried this highlighter? Love it? Hate it?! What do you use?

♥ Chelsea

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  1. I love High Beam too!:D

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