Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Witch Hazel & You

Hello Lovelies!


Facial toner, I don't know crap about printer toner.

Because I want to introduce you to my friend, Witch Hazel.

You see, we met last year. My new roommate was putting some of her stuff in the fridge and told me to not be weired out by the witch hazel. I asked her what it was. She said she used it as a toner to clean her face and for an extra coolingness, she refridgerated it.

So, naturally, I wanted to try. But first, research.

Witch hazel is used to help wounds, bug bites, control itching and even reduce bleeding. So why put that on your face?!

Because acne, zits, and all those other lovelies are formed from bacteria. Yum! But we put witch hazel on our cuts and scrapes to clean out the cuts and scrapes. It cleans out all the nasties with the aid of the alcohol in it!

In fact, that is all facial toners do. But witch hazel is more natural. And a lot cheaper. Most toners will say on it "astirgent" which is exactly what witch hazel is.

I get mine at CVS for around 4 bucks for the store brand (totally doesn't matter) and it really helps my acne by bringing all the bacteria and puss up to the surface (thus whiteheads!). And I have super sensitive skin, but it doesn't bother it!

My nightly routine is wash (Purity Made Simple) and then pat dry and soak a cotton ball with witch hazel and rub it all over my face! Once it is all sunk in, finish off with a moisturizer! I like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion!

Clean, fresh face!

So lovelies, anyone ever try this old trick? While it doesn't need to be in the fridge, it freaking feels awesome when its nice and chill!

♥ Chelsea

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