Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tarte's Smooth Operator

Hello Lovelies!

Let me first shamelessly say, when I first saw the name of this product, I kept mentally singing "Smooth Criminal" in my head rather than "Smooth Operator".

Now that thats out of the way.

I have been searching high and low for a good tinted moisturizer. I've tried just about every drugstore brand, but run into the same problems. The lightest shade is either too dark or orangey or it makes my face look like an oily Slip N' Slide. Neither are attractive, unless you live in Jersey.

I also detest liquid foundation. So I end up wearing MAC's Studio Fix. But I've been craving a tinted moisturizer.


So I decided to do a little interwebz search for higher-end tinted moisturizers. I looked and found this one from Tarte. I then did a little digging and I saw something. THEY HAVE MORE COLORS THAN LIGHT, MEDIUM AND DARK!!!

I then saw it, the first shade named "Agent 00" a shade for fair/porcelain skin with cool undertones. THATS ME! I have cool undertones and fair skin! And this is a tinted moisturizer?

Oh yes, it is. But it gives me the coverage of a light to medium liquid foundation but without feeling like one! And it has calmed my redness and done an amazing job covering it. THIS IS A TINTED MOISTURIZER, LADIES and maybe dudes. I was super hesitant to try it so when I went into Sephora and swatched it, I knew it was love.

Not only that, but it doesn't make me look oily! Its natural matte finish! LOVE. Even better is that its free of all sorts of crap!


Now, I'm no tree-hugger when it comes to makeup, but its nice to know I'm not putting crap on my face! Sooo, bonus! And it has a SPF of 20!

I'm not done yet! IT LASTS ALL DAY. Yes. Well, at least a typical day for me and its been cold and dry out. But I put this on in the morning and I can see it when I take off my makeup at night (which is usually technically morning since it is after midnight). AMAZEBALLS. (That is balls full of amazing). And that is without a primer!

And I don't need to moisturize in the morning!

But the biggest downfall? This is the most expensive single makeup item I own, its $36 and nearly forty-bucks with NY's tax. Yikes. But you only need a little bit!

I'm seriously LOVING this! It is the best tinted moisturizer ever, but it gives me the look of a foundation. Amazeballs. It also has awesome good-for-you-naturalness going on, like apple extract for redness!


Anywhozie, this can be found at Sephora, Sephora.com (clickie), Tarte's website and QVC for $36. I know, its freaking expensive! But worth it? I think so!

♥ Chelsea

**I am a savy student who knows not sell last semester's books back to the bookstore but rather online to make money to buy this lovely product! YAY!

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