Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chanel Glossimer in "Constellation"

Hello Lovelies!

I never once thought that I would ever buy anything Chanel. Its just too much money! So obviously, the only reason why I even ended up at a Chanel counter was because something got into me and lured me to Nordstrom.

I mean, really, $28.50 for a gloss? Well, was it at least worth it?

My lips say yes.

This little beauty, in the color "Constellation" is like nothing that I have ever seen. Its a sheer golden pink gloss, nothing to shell $28 out for but then there is the GLITTER.

Its like a pastel rainbow exploded inside. Pastel pink, blue, green, yellow shimmer in this gloss and it just adds this exquisite little something. And its not one of those glitters where you have to hold it at a certain angle to see it, its RIGHT THERE. No moving your head in a certain light to see it!

Yet, its a pain in the ass to photograph. Most of the pics are blurry and horrible but they capture the glitter, as best as I could!

I don't find the formula sticky and I find it a little moisturizing, I say that because it doesn't settle into the lines of my lips, rather fill them in.

But, Chanel, for the love of spending so much money on a gloss, WRITE THE DAMN NAME on the gloss. I'm not a fan of the numbering system.

Final verdict? You are getting 0.19 oz of product which is a good amount. I am justifying it like this, a full size Stila lip glaze is $22 for 0.08 oz of product...ya dig?

It does look amazing over any lipstick! Its a great color, even more so for Spring! I'm gonna say check it out! It is expensive, but it may just be lip love!

WARNING: WORST PHOTOS EVER! SUPER BLURRY, I KNOW! :) Just trying to capture the awesomeness, the lip swatches do NO justice!

Hand swatch!

Sorry its so out of focus! Yes I have macro setting on, but look at that sparkle!

Say whaaaat, French lipgloss?

With Flash

Without Flash! Its a bit more intense!

Anyone ever try Chanel glosses? Over-hyped or need more love?!
♥ Chelsea

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  1. I've been trying to get my hands on the Naked palette but it's always out of stock. I also signed up for the email updates...but I never got it :( I'm glad you were able to buy it! yay!