Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Update, a Haul and an Adventure

Hello Lovelies!

I thought I'd share what has been going on with me lately. Now that I have finally decided to become a nurse, I have to jump through a thousand hoops.

Changing your major to nursing is much different than changing it to any other major. Because it is probably one of the more challenging majors at any school. But then again, it should be? It only makes sense since people's lives will literally be in your hands and no other majors are like that.

Well, I jumped through one hoop yesterday. Taking the HESI, a nursing exam for nursing students. My school is now making it a new policy that we take this test if we are changing our major to nursing. That is swell and all, but I don't think they realize that its kinda for current nursing students. Granted, I know a tiny bit of anatomy and physiology since I'm taking it now, but you need 2 semesters worth for that damn test and I've had half of one semester.

I guess the best way to sum up my reaction to this test (mind you, I bought the study guide and managed to do extremely well at the practice questions!) would be this (one of my all time favorite scenes!)

Yup, that was totally me when I was doing the test. Even the grammar/vocab part was using medical terms that I haven't learned about!

But the upside was that I had to take it in NYC. I go to school in metro-NY (about 20 min north) but rarely make it down to the city! For one, its EXPENSIVE! A round-trip ticket to go to Grand Central from my school costs $18 off-peak! Dayuum!

So the directions to the testing center said to make a left turn from Grand Central and walk a block. Uhm...I must have walked 5 blocks unsuccessfully finding this building! I even asked a bunch of people who looked with me! Hahaha! We couldn't find it! Well it is NY, so nothing is where it really is. But I did find it! After walking like 2 blocks with some moving guys (who else would know the area better?!)

But before that I did stop by the Sephora at Lexington (now THAT is one block to the left of GC!) and I have to say. Not my favorite. There are actually over 10 Sephoras in NYC and I totally do not recommend going to that one!

They didn't have a Stila or LORAC counter! And barely any UD or Tarte!!! If you want to go to an awesome Sephora in NYC, it is SOOO worth it to go to the one on 5th Ave! It is GORGEOUS and HUGE! I think the world's biggest? Its two floors! Def worth the subway ride!

I asked what I thought was the manager, where the Stila was (I have had their lip/cheek stains on my list) and she was like "NO, we got rid of it!"

Uhm, I've worked in sales long enough to know that is not the right answer. Haha! A good sales associate says "We no longer carry it, but this can be found at our store at (street name)". I would get my ass fired if I said that to a customer. But I was able to return my LORAC liner, ick that stuff sucked.

Anyways, after my test, I decided to try to go to 5th ave Victoria's Secret because I believe its the largest in the country. And I mean come on, when you're in NY, you go big or you go home.

I got lost so I went home. Hahaha. Well to the mall by my dorm to pick up some goodies! Their eyeshadow has the weirdest freaking consistency that I've tried, I'm still deciding if I love or hate it. But their Beauty Rush glosses are as juicy and delicious as I remember! I also picked up their body wash in "Berry Kiss" since it smells like a spring sister to B&BW's "Dark Kiss"!

And from Sephora I picked up my other Tarte blush (review here!) and the Stila "Make Me Blush" blush which I have to say is an EXACT dupe for Marine Life from MAC! Snag it up! Its a mix of bright pink, light pink and coral! I wiped away the gold overlay right away!

I also got my first OPI polishes, I found a little boutique that sells them cheap by me! Yay! I got "Teenage Dream" a week ago but picked up "Princesses Rule" yesterday!

Tarte blush is in "Amused", Stila "Make Me Blush", VS eyeshadow in "Champagne" and VS Beauty Rush glosses in "Cupquake" (L) and "Shineberry" (R)

Grand Central is beyond beautiful, you can honestly admire it all day. Its like stepping back in time. A lot of NYC is like that, just gorgeous architecture.

Def. not your average train station

Chrysler building was like right next door to my test!

I wouldn't go here again, go to 5th Avenue! You won't regret it!

Any of you live in NY or have visited? Believe me, you NEED to! :)

♥ Chelsea

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