Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello Lovelies!

When I got my Sephora package today I was more excited than Rebecca Black on a Friday!


Ok, I will admit, when it first came out in the summer I was like "Oh that's nice" and didn't really care but then everyone on YT was raving about it, I got curious. And then come December when everyone was saying it was one of the best new products for 2010, I was anxiously checking Sephora for this baby!

And then last week I got an email it was in stock! I was out so I went on my phone and tried to order it but THE STUPID MOBILE SEPHORA SITE didn't want to process my order. So I cried on the inside and then later that night it was back in stock! You bet your ass I ordered it, NO MORE WAITING!

It is all THAT and a loaf of sliced bread.

Neutral everyday looks, smokey looks, light looks, EVERYTHING. I think it is a necessity for the makeup lover.

You get 12 amazing neutral colors, a Good Karma eyeshadow brush and a mini primer potion! Whaaaaaaaat! I honestly don't care that I got the eyeshadow brush rather than the pencils but its all good!

Anywhozie, this palette keeps going in and out of stock at! I've heard stores are getting them back in! So keep a look out! They're $48 but its an amazing value!

$48 for 12 FULL SIZE shadows that are normally $17 plus a $26 brush? FORTY-EIGHT-FREAKING-DOLLARS FOR $230 WORTH OF PRODUCT FTW.

That is all :)




Left to Right: Gunmetal, Creep*, Hustle*, Virgin*, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck*, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse*, Toasted! *Indicates that it is exclusive to this palette!!


And then because I needed to spend two more bucks to get free shipping, I got this Precision Pore Cleansing Pad from Sephora Brand. Its the little scruby thing that the L'Oreal 360 Washes have! Except this is pink and doesn't come with a crappy cleanser! Woot, it was $5 :)


The palette is out of stock again, but sign up for email notification at Sephora or Urban Decay!

So lovelies, who has this? Love it? Hate it (how is that even possible?!)? Waiting for it?! Let me know :)
♥ Chelsea

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