Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Website Review!!

Hello Lovelies!

My name is Chelsea and I'm addicted to nail polish. Since I gave up makeup for Lent (well I got the Naked palette and a new Revlon liner since mine freaking vanished, I decided to just give up lip-products, which was so hard today when I finally saw the "Papya" lipgloss from Revlon) I have channeled this desire (not addicted) into nail polish.

Can I just say, nail polish is the funnest during spring and summer?! Bright colors! Neons! And I was known at work for my polish, I always had customers complimenting me/intrigued by what graced my short nails.

I love China Glaze polishes, they truly leave my nails feeling stronger after applying. And when they released their "Anchors Away" collection, well it was on top of my list!

See, I have no CG retailers around me, so I thought I'd try since IT WAS SO CHEAP. Like $2.88 cheap. Compared to $5 with a Sally's card.

That means more polish. Or saving money. Aw damn, you know you're just gonna save that money for more polish!

But here is the deal. It doesn't look too legit, almost a little sketchy. Like I'm thinking windowless unmarked van outside of an elementary school, that kind of sketchy. Now, maybe its because I watch too many Law & Order SVU marathons but I was just hesitant.

But $2.88!! So I caved in. And ordered 4 polishes. Did I mention the price?! Girl (or guy), you can't even get a damn Sally Hanson polish for that cheap!

So I placed my order.

First thing, you won't know exactly how much shipping is until you get your invoice. Which is a little odd.

They are charging a MINIMUM of $7 for shipping rates. Meaning you could buy one $2.88 polish and pay more than double that in shipping. And when I got my package I saw it only cost $4.50 to ship. Hmmm. Now, sure you can argue shipping supplies, but I know a ton of Etsy sellers who offer free shipping, ya dig?

But then again, I don't want to shake this "shipping cost" tree, if it means cheaper polishes, but again....once you think about it.

Next thing, was that I got a separate email asking for my CVV, you know the security code on your credit card. I feel like this is something that should have been asked for DURING checkout, not in an email. I mean, it just doesn't feel right or safe. But $2.88 people!

I placed my order on Friday and got it on Monday. But then again, I live about 2 hours away from where it was shipped. And it was shipped via USPS.

The polishes arrived nicely packaged, surrounded by newspaper, and some in a box, no problems there! But it honestly all comes down to the site.

I am a little skeptic but then I see my pretty new polishes and the money I saved, so its kind of a who knows kinda thing. I've heard some bad things, but for the most part you can count this review as a cautiously-good website! Cheap polishes but high shipping! They also sell salon accessories, ORLY, Essie and Color Club polishes and a ton more!

Maybe a little upgrade on the site? :) And something about the CVV? And lower shipping? That'd be awesome!

Their website can be found here!

Left to Right! "Hey Sailor!","Ahoy!","Lighthouse","Below Deck"

Anyone buy from them? How was it?! Love China Glaze?! Lemme know!
♥ Chelsea


  1. I've been debating and debating about trying that site, and also they are making me want to jump for joy at the prices, but no listed shipping worries me. i might have to give them a try though

  2. I'm glad I found this, I had the same concern about the CVV but it gave it to them without thinking about it.. then I started to become paranoid. I'm glad it isn't a scam type thing. I don't think I'll order from them again due to that. :/

  3. I placed my order yesterday & gave them all my info. All I got was 2 bottles of nail polish & a jewel wheel assortment. I never got an invoice with a confirmation # in my Email yet. Most companies give that to you right away. Maybe it is because of the weekend. Does anyone know their address & phone number?