Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rant & A Haul

Hi Lovelies!

So, another haul! Yay tax-return season! But alas, I have decided to give up buying makeup for Lent. Though I have been told I can't since I bought all this yesterday, Ash Wednesday. But it was that or skip stats class and shop instead.

Which probably would have been more productive than that class.

Other things that are more productive than my Stats Class:
  • Hoola-hooping
  • Shark-whispering
  • Organizing my socks alphabetically
  • Watching CSPAN
  • Cutting the grass with scissors
I digress. Time for le haul. As always, let me know if you want a review on any particular item!

Ok, I'm officially obsessed with OPI since I can find them for $6. Left is "Teal the Cows Come Home" and "Big Apple Red" which is the perfect blue-based cherry red for fair/light skins with cool undertones!

Chanel Glossimer in "Constellation". I had no intention on even going to Nordstom but somehow I got sucked in and was completely delirious when I got this. But its GORGEOUS. Its like a sheer-pink with pastel-multi-colored-sparkle. SO PRETTY!

From MAC I got "Dalliance" and "Dazzlelight" eyeshadows, Super Slick Liquid Liner in "On The Hunt" (black) and 2 of their new Sheen Supreme lipsticks in "Full Speed" and "Insanely It".

Sheen Supreme in "Full Speed" on top and "Insanely It" on bottom. Freaking loving these. Super pigmented lipgloss-lipstick hybrids!

Ok this photo is washed out but "Dalliance" on left, Super Slick Liquid Liner and then "Dazzlelight", "Dalliance" is a LE E/S! Hop on it!


Since Maybelline's "One by One" mascara was on everyone's February Favorites, I had to snag it up at Target! And the Garnier roller ball undereye thing was on sale at CVS and I had some extra bucks!

Try any of these things?! Want any reviews? Let me know!

♥ Chelsea

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